Why does costco charge a membership to shop there?

Answer To make up the difference in the amount of money they lose for having lower prices they charge memebership fees. And people are dumb enough to think they are getting bargains.

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Does Best Buy know anything about customer service, why does anyone shop there and how do we bring them down?

Put a scratch on the disc and go to a diffrent Best Buy store. Tell them you just want to exchange it for the same title. Dont bring your recipt. Tell them you left it home. Then go back to that sa... Read More »

If I don't fully charge something when I charge it the first time, does that mean it won't hold a charge?

Put that battery in the charger, or whatever you use to charge it and leave it hooked up for at least 24 hours, no less. If not, in 3 months time you will be wondering "why, when I my battery says... Read More »

Does limewire charge you to use there software?

No, I use it all the time and have never had any probs with it with regards to fees or hackers !!! I also use uTorrent.

Why does alienware charge like $10,000 for there best pc thats ridicolous?

They sell it because they have identified a market for it and are able to be profitable with it. I would never buy a system at the top end of the food chain and it appears you wouldn't either. But ... Read More »