Why does compost give off heat?

Answer The byproduct of the compostable materials being broken down into the elements from which they're made is the reason for the heat in a compost pile. The breakdown of compostable materials into comp... Read More »

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Why is there heat inside a compost heap?

A compost heap gets hotter when bacteria and other organisms multiply inside the heap, breaking down the rough matter into humus. There are both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, which work at differ... Read More »

Should you give water to a heat exhaustion or heat stroke?

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Do LCD Tvs give off as much heat as Plasma Tvs?

Plasmas use about 50% more power than LCDs-so yes, they give off more heat.Putting fans on the plasma will cool it and extend it's life, but whether you do or don't, all of that heat winds up in th... Read More »

Do fluorescent lights give off heat?

Fluorescent lights do give off heat; however, it is significantly less than what is given off by conventional light bulbs. In addition, fluorescent lights are more energy-efficient than regular lig... Read More »