Why does coffee with milk put fuzz on your teeth?

Answer Maybe because milk makes your mouth all yacky anyway and coffee is a diuretic so you dehydrate as well, double whammy.

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Why Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

Regular coffee drinkers depend on a cup of coffee to start their day. As much as they enjoy those sips, the coffee may stain cause stains on normally pearly white teeth. A number of factors induce ... Read More »

How to Make a Coffee Milkshake With Just Coffee and Milk?

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Does coffee really stain your teeth?

On One Hand: Coffee Can Stain Your TeethExcessive coffee consumption can cause your teeth to become noticeably less white. Coffee beans have a dark brown color that can sink into your teeth and cau... Read More »

Does drinking coffee with a lot of milk really lower the caffeine content?

You are absolutely right. Pretty smart. The only way to lower the caffeine is to limit the amount of coffee. So, pour a half cup of coffee and fill the rest with warm milk. Cafe au lait. Ole!