Why does coffee upset my stomach even DECAF!?

Answer Your problem isn't the caffiene; it's the acid that's giving you the upset stomach! There are a lot of decaf coffees but very few of them have been acid neutralized. Potassium Hydroxide is added to... Read More »

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Why does decaf upset your stomach?

Why does coffee upset my stomach but energy drinks are fine?

it's either the milk or the caffeine. i mean caffeine is a stimulant and coffee can act like a laxative. but you do drink red bull. it's different though since you're drinking something hot. i actu... Read More »

Why does Decaf coffee cost so much more?

it costs more cause they have to make a whole different batch just for decaf.

Does decaf coffee still have caffeine in it, or is it completely gone?

Anything that naturally contains caffeine (like coffee or tea, and dark colas) that has been decaffeinated, still has at least trace amounts of caffeine.It is very, very minimal but it is still the... Read More »