Are there any good ways to remove the coffee smell from a plastic coffee container?

Answer Don't use bleach. Even though it may get rid of the coffee smell, you will have a nasty bleach smell in the plastic! (Been there, done that!) Vinegar will work as it cuts the natural oils in the ... Read More »

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Can we make milk coffee in coffee maker or only black coffee?

Hello joyous,Normally,the milk is heated to boiling temperatures inside the coffee maker. This will cause many problems-the milk could coagulate and clog the coffee maker. Also, the milk residue wi... Read More »

Fresh ground coffee! Can you smell it!?

Yeah I can smell it, it's right in front of me and I just took my first sip of the day!!!I'm not sure if coffee is a vice for me or not, but I have been hooked since the day that my father took me ... Read More »

What is the best way to remove coffee smell from this container?

Put a few spoons of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) in warm water into the container & leave stand for a few hours or over night.Please DONT put bleach in it,it will then smell strongly of bleach!

Coffee is making me sick just by the smell?

Could be a Symptom of Pregnancy, same thing happened to Me in My last Pregnancy, I kept gagging and being Sick at the Sight and Smell of things, a Test Later Confirmed that I was Pregnant, seeing a... Read More »