Are there any good ways to remove the coffee smell from a plastic coffee container?

Answer Don't use bleach. Even though it may get rid of the coffee smell, you will have a nasty bleach smell in the plastic! (Been there, done that!) Vinegar will work as it cuts the natural oils in the ... Read More »

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Why does Starbucks coffee smell like rubbing alchohol?

the blonde blend is more subtle. but i like starbucks!

POLL..What is your favorite smell Mine is coffee, jasmine and rosemary.?

How to Make Coffee when Your Coffee Machine is Broken?

Missing something?If you're addicted to coffee and your coffee machine breaks, this could be a problem. Maybe you can't leave your home (sick, or no car) or you don't have enough money to buy anoth... Read More »

Why does alcohol make your breath smell like pooh.?

alcohol dehydrates you and when your dehygrated the body doesnt hydrate your breath to preserve water for vital organs ect... wee buns lol