Why does china have fortune cookies?

Answer Fortune cookies were introduced to the United States by Asian Americans in the early 1900s. Since then, they have become a ubiquitous symbol of Americanized Asian cuisine.IdentificationA fortune co... Read More »

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When are they going to start calling fortune cookies, "generic aphorism cookies"?

How did fortune cookies originate?

Although many westerners think of the fortune cookie as the typical finish to a Chinese meal, the fortune cookie as we know it today is actually an American creation. The exact origin of the fortun... Read More »

How did fortune cookies start?

Popular dessert treats for Chinese food fans, fortune cookies are thought by some to be a completely Americanized delicacy. However, the cookies have their roots in China hundreds of years ago.Orig... Read More »

Who invented fortune cookies?

According to the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project, the fortune cookie was actually invented in America. It was created by David Jung in 1918. He was the founder of the Hong Kong Noodle Co. i... Read More »