Why does child abuse occur?

Answer Some parents abuse their kids because they have an alcohol or drugs problem, or they have an extreme temper and they take it out on their kids, some parents abuse their kids because the parents wen... Read More »

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Which state does most child abuse occur?

i have no idea but i would say California

Can charges for child abuse be brought on foster parents after child becomes an adult and remembers the abuse?

Answer In some cases the statute of limitations begins when you remember the abuse. I would try to find a lawyer, but this is pretty hard if you don't have the money.If these people are still fos... Read More »

How does child neglect differ from child abuse?

Abuse is active abusive conduct- I needn"t go into the sordid and tragic details. Neglect is a passive lack- but can be just as serious- such as inadequate food, house keeping conditions, and negle... Read More »

What does a child do to recover from child abuse?

Does a person ever recover from child abuse? You will never not have been abused. You will always be different from how you would have matured without the abuse. But - you can end up being stronge... Read More »