Why does chewing gum raise alertness?

Answer Chewing gum provides more than just a pleasant diversion. Chewing can boost brain power by increasing metabolic activity in the brain and relieving distraction caused by stress.InsulinThe act of ch... Read More »

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How to Increase Alertness?

Staying awake, especially on important days, is not enough. You have to stay are some tips

Suggestions, please! What do you recommend to improve one's alertness and mental capacities?

Fish oil - especially one called Eye-Q. My friend's son has dyslexia and slight ADH and she really notices a massive improvement in him when he's taking Eye-Q. Also 'brain-training' exercises - t... Read More »

Should you raise your children according to *your* values or raise them according to "Society's" ....?

I completely agree. I hate the fact that everyone (it seems) is so anti-punishment anti spanking anti everything...including saying no. Bugs the hel l out me. My children will know what it's like t... Read More »

Should you try to raise your baby on your own if you are 15-years-old and want to raise your baby with the father but he does not know if he is ready?

Babies Raising Babies My daughter had a child at 17. She and the father were both children. Raising a child is a great responsibility and I don't think she could have done it without us, her pare... Read More »