Why does caffeine make my boobs hurt?

Answer Caffeine it's got that satanic acid in it. It could be called the devils drug because it ratchets up tension, irritation, hostility, competitiveness, road rage, etc.

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Why does one of my boobs hurt?

From what my doctor tells me is that younger breast is normal to be painful at times. she said it just more lumpy than older breast, which can make it hurt. She advise me if its become too unbeara... Read More »

Does caffeine hurt a baby while you are pregnant?

Answer Yes. Caffeine can lead to developmental problems of the baby.It is recommended that you drink no more than two cups of coffee per day while pregnant. None at all if you can manage it.Reme... Read More »

What does it mean if your boobs hurt for about a month?

It could mean breast development, such as in puberty. Breast tenderness often occurs in puberty mostly when your breasts are growing and developing. :)

My boobs have never hurt sooo bad!!!?

I am also taking clomid. Clomid will trick you into thinking your pregnant, because many of the symptoms are the same. You typically wont start experiencing any symptoms until your 7 DPO and on. Tr... Read More »