Why does bread dough rise?

Answer Bread is a simple but complex staple in most households. Simple, because few ingredients are required and the chemistry behind making bread is fairly basic. Complex because variations to the ingred... Read More »

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Why does bread dough rise twice?

Making bread starts with the dough. First, proofing (rising) the dough, then 'knocking' the dough back down and then allowing it to rise again. Making bread can take about 5-hour but the results ar... Read More »

Which ingredient makes bread dough rise?

In yeast bread, yeast makes the dough rise by producing carbon dioxide gas bubbles as it starts to feed on the sugar in the dough. In quick bread, or non-yeast bread, baking powder and baking soda ... Read More »

Does whole wheat bread rise better than bread made with all purpose flour?

On One Hand: Whole Wheat Doesn't Have GlutensBread made with pure whole wheat flour will unlikely be fluffy due to the low or non-existent gluten levels in wheat flour. Gluten is a vital ingredient... Read More »

Can you make French bread from frozen bread dough?

While you can make edible French bread from bread dough that has been frozen and then thawed prior to baking, freezing dough affects the yeast, and often results in inconsistent quality.References:... Read More »