Why does bouyancy lift things in water?

Answer Buoyancy is an upward lifting force, which means in the water buoyancy can make things float, for example: a rubber duck, pineapple, softball, etc. And that of buoyancy can make you float in the wa... Read More »

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My elbows lock when I lift things?

Does salt water help things float?

Compared to fresh water, salt water helps things float more easily. Salt water is denser due to the salt content, which helps the water support objects. For an object to float in salt water, it mus... Read More »

Why does salt water make things float?

Water is an excellent solvent, which means it can dissolve and retain things. Ocean water is salty because of the amounts of salts and other materials the water has dissolved. Because salt changes ... Read More »

What is a good high-lift low-flow water pump?

A good type of pump to use in a high lift low flow situation is a positive displacement pump. These work by moving a set volume of water at a time and block against backflow. The other main type o... Read More »