Why does boiling milk overflow but boiling water does not?

Answer Probably due to the fat molecules in milk. The fat separates from the thinner, watery liquid and as the water in the milk boils the steam rises and this milk fat layer moves up. You can prevent th... Read More »

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Does boiling water purify it?

yes its the fastest way to remove some contaminants.

Does boiling water really kill bacteria?

Yes it does, For bacteria to actually die, the hot water would have to be at a temperature above what your skin could tolerate. Most people can tolerate a temperature of 110 degrees for little bits... Read More »

Does boiling water generate hydrogen&oxygen?

Boiling water does not generate new hydrogen and oxygen. The boiling is simply a state change from water's liquid form to its gas form, steam. The only difference between these two states is that t... Read More »

Does boiling water evaporate at cold temperatures?

Boiling water does evaporate at cold temperatures. At the boiling point (212 degrees F), water will evaporate at a much faster rate because it loses heat energy quicker than cold energy. As the boi... Read More »