Why does boiling milk overflow but boiling water does not?

Answer Probably due to the fat molecules in milk. The fat separates from the thinner, watery liquid and as the water in the milk boils the steam rises and this milk fat layer moves up. You can prevent th... Read More »

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How can a pan of milk not rise when boiling?

1.why do you boil milk2.unfathomable?3.hmmm.maybe it wasn't done boiling?!

What are the boiling, melting& freezing points of milk?

All liquids freeze, melt and boil at certain temperatures. Perhaps the most well-known of these is water's freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). Milk has its own set of freez... Read More »

Help please!! I spilt some boiling milk over my arm and hand an hour ago.I put in under the cold tap?

You're doing the right thing by keeping an ice pack on it. If you haven't blistered, you probably have a 1st degree burn. That doesn't mean it isn't painful though! First aid spray with a mild a... Read More »

Does boiling water purify it?

yes its the fastest way to remove some contaminants.