Why does blood stop running when you die?

Answer Because the heart stops pumping!

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How do I stop the toilet that keeps running after flushing The flapper is properly seated. The float needs to be pushed down to stop it.?

Answereither bend the arm of the float so it is partially submerged or adjust it with the screw that is attached to the float armature

My toilet will not stop running. How do I stop it?

Cut off its legs? Seriously, check the chain and rubber stopper inside the tank. It's probably just not seating well enough, and allowing water to continuously flow through.

Didn't DOUBLE check both ways at stop sign. Got into accident. Is that running a stop sign?

Yes, even if you did stop, then proceeded and got involved in an accident. Stop means to stop and yield to other traffic until it is safe to enter the intersection. You could be charged with fail... Read More »

How to Keep Running Even if You Know You Have to Stop?

Running is hard for most people, anyways. It's always a tantalizing temptation to stop running to walk, even for just a little bit. Here are some ways to keep going.