Why does black smoke come out of an exhaust?

Answer The combustion of fuel in an automobile engine, or any internal-combustion engine, creates exhaust. The exhaust is made up of various chemicals, some of which are harmless, others of which are toxi... Read More »

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Why does black smoke come out of a muffler?

Exhaust pipe smoke comes in three basic colors: blue (engine burning oil), white (engine trying to burn water) and black. Of the three, black smoke is usually the easiest to diagnose and fix.Smoke ... Read More »

Reasons for Smoke and Water to Come From the Exhaust Pipe?

Cars run on an internal combustion engine, where a flammable liquid is ignited in engine cylinders, pushing pistons and powering the engine. When the piston has been pushed, the smoke generated is ... Read More »

What Would Make White Smoke Come From a Motorcycle Exhaust?

If white smoke emanates from your motorcycle's exhaust system, you may need to visit an expert for repairs. The specific reasons for the smoke will differ based on the engine type, the age of the b... Read More »

How to Analyze Exhaust Smoke?

Exhaust smoke is a collection of gases that are by-products fuel combustion in the engine of a vehicle. The gases travel through exhaust pipes and usually exit the vehicle through the tailpipe. T... Read More »