Why does black smoke come out of an exhaust?

Answer The combustion of fuel in an automobile engine, or any internal-combustion engine, creates exhaust. The exhaust is made up of various chemicals, some of which are harmless, others of which are toxi... Read More »

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How to Analyze Exhaust Smoke?

Exhaust smoke is a collection of gases that are by-products fuel combustion in the engine of a vehicle. The gases travel through exhaust pipes and usually exit the vehicle through the tailpipe. T... Read More »

What Causes Blue Smoke Out of a Car's Exhaust?

Mechanics know that two things tell the tale of an engine's health more than any other: the condition of the the exhaust emissions and that of the spark plugs. Exhaust color, odor, pressure and eve... Read More »

What Causes White Smoke From Exhaust?

When white smoke is spewing from your exhaust, it is usually an indication that something is burning. The typical culprit is a burning fluid from the vehicle, but other causes are possible. A backy... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Motorcycle Exhaust Smoke?

Smoke coming from a motorcycle exhaust indicates the engine is not running correctly. Typical problems include fuel not being completely burned, too much oil or coolant evaporating. If ignored, suc... Read More »