Why does black smoke come out of a muffler?

Answer Exhaust pipe smoke comes in three basic colors: blue (engine burning oil), white (engine trying to burn water) and black. Of the three, black smoke is usually the easiest to diagnose and fix.Smoke ... Read More »

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Why does black smoke come out of an exhaust?

The combustion of fuel in an automobile engine, or any internal-combustion engine, creates exhaust. The exhaust is made up of various chemicals, some of which are harmless, others of which are toxi... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Detroit Diesel Black Smoke?

Detroit Diesel makes vehicles and engines that run on diesel fuel rather than gasoline. When a car has emissions of black smoke, it is a problem that needs immediate care. Black smoke is a sign of ... Read More »

What Causes Black Smoke From a Diesel Truck?

Diesel engines are a common alternative to gasoline burning engines because they are more fuel efficient and tend to last longer. Diesel engines have a higher temperature of combustion which allows... Read More »

Help black smoke in house mystery?

Turn OFF all gas appliances and call the Gas board NOW. If there are sooty deposits coming from either the fire or boiler your mum could be dead tonight from Carbon Monoxide poisoning !!!! Headac... Read More »