Why does come up when i type in

Answer lol idk why the hell that happens! is redirected to gmail, is redirected to FBI!LMAO!

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How come when you type "nazi" into google nothing comes up?

Your SafeSearch is enabled, at the top there should be a link indicating this.

Why is "Why can't I own a Canadian" the first thing to come up when I type "Why" in Google?

LOL. wow type in i am extremely > why is there i am extremely terrified of chinese people? alot of weird searches.

What type of tree does fatwood come from?

Fatwood comes from the stumps of longleaf pine trees, a type of tree that can live up to 300 years, according to the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation. People often ... Read More »

What type of tree does mahogany wood come from?

Mahogany wood comes from the mahogany tree, Swietenia mahogani, in the Meliaceae family. The tree grows in zones 10-11 and is native to Florida and the Caribbean. According to Floridata, mahogany t... Read More »