Why does baby hyperventilate during sleep?

Answer Not just babies, almost everybody does. There is too little physical activity during sleep to generate enough CO2 to compensate overbreathing, so many people hyperventilate mildly, usually in the m... Read More »

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Can a baby sleep too much during the day?

On One Hand: Babies Sleep SchedulesAs a newborn, babies may sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours per day, including eight to 10 hours of daytime sleep. Sleep is important to babies because they are u... Read More »

Why does my baby fight sleep?

The first few months with a baby can be an exhausting time for new parents, especially when the baby seems to fight sleep more often than not. Once you understand why your baby fights sleep, you ma... Read More »

Why Does My Baby Grunt in His Sleep?

Parents and caregivers naturally pay close attention to their babies' behaviors--especially activities essential to life, such as breathing and sleeping--and note any abnormalities or oddities. A q... Read More »

How long does a baby sleep in the womb?

Human fetuses sleep most of the time they are in the womb. An unborn baby is asleep 90 to 95 percent of the day at 32 weeks gestation, and at full term, a typical baby is asleep 85 to 90 percent of... Read More »