Why does auto insuance costs more for young teenage boys than it does for young teenage girls?

Answer insurance variation because young men are far more likely to have a car accident than what young women are. it's because of the "live fast, die young" phenomena. young men have a greater amount of ... Read More »

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What do teenage boys look forin teenage girls?

the younger the guy, the more he will care about looks because he isn't looking for a serious relationship (of course there are exceptions to this). older guys will care about looks to, but it most... Read More »

Women 23-30 would you date a guy a young man 18-21 im in shape teenage girls feel free to answer n look inside?

I would defiantly date you (: rate: 10Improve on... Talking to girls I guess because your already good looking My age: 17 soon to be 18Friend that's sitting with me agree's too and she's 24 about t... Read More »

Young Teenage Hairstyles?

Young teenagers often use their hairstyle as a way to express themselves. As teens are transitioning into adulthood, parents usually allow more freedom than they have given in the past. Although ma... Read More »

How to Encourage Young Teenage Students to Dress Modestly?

What's the best way to get young teenagers to dress modestly when they get caught up in the hype of trendy fashions that do not truly have their best interest at heart?