Why does anyone bother contributing to Wiki Answers?

Answer Because Yahoo! Answers is only capable of letting one user give their answer at a time. With Wiki Answers, it is a collaborative effort, like Wikipedia (which is clearly not a fail). Furthermore, W... Read More »

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How to Find Good Answers Using Wiki.Answers.Com?

In plants, the roots continue to grow as they search for water and nutrients. These regions of growth are good for studying the cell cycle because at any given time, you can find cells that are und... Read More »

Does this bother anyone else?

you have NO idea how much I agree with you on this. I am living next door to my friend, who we are both 39 now. She got pregnant and had a miscarriage in February...didn't ever use any birth cont... Read More »

Does it bother anyone when fat people go to mcdonalds?

LOL I used to work at Maccas and there was one lady that was ridiculously huge and she came in all the time.. She had acne, facial hair and hairy moles. Kennedy - don't try to justify peopl that ar... Read More »

Is this WIki Answers?

Its "YAHOO ANSWERS"....come on here lets rock on....