Why does animal manure smell foul?

Answer AnswerThe odious smell of manure comes from methane.*** Methane is odorless, colorless, tasteless - please check your sources before posting things like this.

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Double kitchen sink has a foul organic smell like wet roots doesn't run slow no disposal do have a dishwasher no smell there have flushed it with hot water oxyclean and drain cleaner?

Do this. Pour baking soda into both sinks until baking soda can be seen in the drain. Pour white vinegar into the baking soda. It will foam massively, so step back. Keep pouring vinegar into the ba... Read More »

Why is there a foul smell under your floorboards?

Could be highly carcengenic mold growing under the sub floor

How do you remove a foul smell from a refrigerator?

Try using baking soda. It absorbs bad odors. Also, make sure to wash all the shelves and walls down where you find the smell.put an open box of baking soda in there

Blood sugar is high running 400 and urine has foul smell?

Urinary tract infection. All bacteria love glucose--it is the simplest form of sugar, and they can grow like crazy in diabetic urine. The high plasma level combined with the smell and back pain i... Read More »