Why does an aquarium need a heater?

Answer The primary reason to have a heater for an aquarium is to maintain steady and optimum aquarium temperature, which fosters optimum aquarium health. There are several situations where you can use a h... Read More »

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Can you use an aquarium heater outside?

An aquarium heater can be used outside to heat a fish tank or pond. When you choosing an aquarium heater to use outdoors, you should choose a very durable heater, preferably one that is not made of... Read More »

Which is the best aquarium heater?

On One Hand: Hanging HeaterThe best aquarium heater is the hanging heater. It is the most common form of aquarium heater, and is often the least expensive, according to First Tank Guide. Aquarium h... Read More »

What is the hottest aquarium heater?

Aquarium heaters can be up to 1000 watts, which would be used to heat a 200-gallon tank. The best way to heat a 200-gallon tank evenly is to use three, 300-watt heaters. Determine the number of wat... Read More »

What does a fully submersible aquarium heater mean?

A fully submersible heater can be completely submerged in the water of the aquarium, rather than hanging over the side. This design is much more versatile than the traditional hanging heater, since... Read More »