Why does an Eight month old have savere gas at night?

Answer You cant do anything but listen and go to school. But they should care that your sick.Ask you teacher to send you to the school nurrse for evaluation.

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How to help my 6 month old sleep through the night?

Make sure he's well fed with a clean diaper just before putting him down for the night. Also, sometimes they sleep better/longer if you put them down a little later in the evening. We put our 6 m... Read More »

My 9 month old still isn't sleeping through the night, what can I do?

I was in the same boat my daughtr is 7mos. and all the suggestions you have already gotten I have tried too. Oh and don't feel bad I get that excuse " I didn't hear the baby crying" too. The bes... Read More »

How do you get your 14 month old baby to sleep through the night?

Maybe. some people do believe (me being one of them) that younger kids are more susceptible to the supernatural. when i was four or five one time a saw a shadow of a man walk into my room around th... Read More »

What month do babies start to sleep through the night?

Infants as young as three months are capable of sleeping for eight-hour stretches, but some babies don't consistently have nights of uninterrupted sleep until they are a year old. Nearly three-quar... Read More »