Why does america have the best food in the world?

Answer not really. Most of American food lacks taste and sometimes tasteless. You are used to American food and fin it great because you have an American tounge. Koreans would say they have the best food ... Read More »

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What was the United States of America's world ranking in the FIFA World Cup of May 2004?

The U.S. was 11th in the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) world rankings in May 2004. The U.S. is 14th in the current rankings. The 2010 World Cup tournament is in South Afri... Read More »

Why is it that everywhere else in the world, food is yummy and healthy, whereas in the western world?

I think you are wrong as I see we have come to spurn our local foods and the traditional wat they are made as everyone seems to want to spice it up.Yes some asian foods do have some wonderful tast... Read More »

What food can you only get in America?

I bring food products into China all the time. Granted, it's usually things like spices and baking items, but I've never had a problem with them. I don't know what's available in England, so it's ... Read More »

What is the most popular food in America?