Why does alcohol make your breath smell like pooh.?

Answer alcohol dehydrates you and when your dehygrated the body doesnt hydrate your breath to preserve water for vital organs ect... wee buns lol

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Why does your breath smell like cream corn?

Because you ate cream cornIv'e been with 50 plus girls/women before I was married at 21yrs old.That's 15 years old to 21 yrs old. Many of those women had breaths that smell like sweet corn includin... Read More »

Does anyone else think that the Airheads candy make your breath smell bad?

Why does my sisters breath smell like sweetcorn?

Your little sister is still a child and doesn't really care if she has bad breath or not, it's more important to her right now that she has friends and can play with them. In a couple of years when... Read More »

How can i hide the smell of alcohol on my breath?

Sorry their really are none. They think there are some, but then they busted them on an episode of Mythbusters. (That was with a brethalizor) So if your parents dont have one juse have alot of ment... Read More »