Why does alcohol make us drunk?

Answer Basically because it is a drug which attacks the whole of the nervous systemIt commences by attacvking the area of the brain which causes inhibitions which explains why, although it is a depressant... Read More »

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Is a beer drunk different than a hard alcohol drunk?

Alcohol is alcohol. It's all metabolized the same by an individual. The sugar in a lot of liqueurs causes worse hangovers. Personally, I have a hard time getting drunk on beer because I get bloated... Read More »

Do alcohol ablation procedures for cardio myopathy make the patient drunk?

NO, wrong type of alcohol. If this stuff gets loose into the bloodstream, the person suffers an instant fatal heart attack. The goal of an AA is to disolve a small area of the heart by pumping a sm... Read More »

How much alcohol does it take for a small girl to get drunk?

Small girl could be a six-year-old, or a 4' 11" nineteen-year-old. In either case, it will take a good deal less than an adult male. We would guess about three beers in the case of the 19-year-old.... Read More »

Does chewing gum while drinking alcohol get you drunk faster?

As far as available research goes, chewing gum does not get you drunk faster. Some ways a person can get drunk more quickly than normal are by drinking on a empty stomach, mixing alcohol with medic... Read More »