Why does acid reflux cause shoulder/arm/neck pain?

Answer Acid reflux can cause gas to get trapped in your gut and as air always trys to find the highest point it can cause pressure that can be felt in your shoulders, and can be quite painful. It happens ... Read More »

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Does Fatty Liver Cause Acid Reflux?

One type of fatty liver disease can be associated with alcoholism, but another type is not related to consumption of alcohol. Both are reversible conditions, but left uncontrolled, liver failure ca... Read More »

Can perimenopause cause acid reflux?

On One Hand: Not a Common SymptomAccording to the Mayo Clinic, acid reflux is not one of the most common symptoms associated with perimenopause. Common symptoms include menstrual irregularities, ho... Read More »

Can acid reflux cause the anus to bleed?

On One Hand: Not a Common SymptomAcid reflux is a disease affecting the normal digestion of food and drink and a buildup of excess stomach acid. According to WebMD, a bleeding anus is not a common ... Read More »

I get a pain in my chest when i swallow food Acid reflux?

Acid reflux usually happens when you sleep after you ate a huge meal but it usually happens to people like in their 50's and older. It's like your food liquified rushes up from your stomach area w... Read More »