Why does a woodpecker damage trees?

Answer Woodpeckers drill trees to forage for food, to attract potential mates and to claim territory. The woodpecker is particularly suited for drilling in hard wood surfaces; it is likely to repeat drill... Read More »

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Termite Damage in Trees?

Termites can cause a multitude of problems if they invade your property, and an early target will be your trees. According to, termites favor areas with a high population of trees and... Read More »

What is the insect damage to ash trees?

The insect damage to ash trees destroys the bark and removes the ability for the tree to absorb water and vital nutrients. This damage is caused by the emerald ash borer, an insect not native to th... Read More »

Insect Damage on the Leaves of Trees?

There are a variety of insects that attack trees and their leaves, making the tree more susceptible to disease problems and other health issues. Keeping trees free of serious insect problems helps ... Read More »

Does the Spanish moss cause damage to trees?

The School of Forest Resources and Conservation indicates that Spanish moss can damage trees. The moss can grow over the leaves and branches, and this makes it difficult for photosynthesis to occur... Read More »