Why does a video card work only in certain pci slots?

Answer A video card only works in certain PCI slots because there are two different types of PCI cards in addition to AGP video cards. PCI slots/cards were developed first, and are much slower than newer ... Read More »

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Do PS3 have sd card slots?

yes they do like the more expensive ones or they stoped makeing them if u go to wikipedia and research ps3 that can tell u about them

Will any pci video card work with a mac?

Any Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) video card will not work with a Mac. Video card manufacturers make Mac-specific cards. PCI served as the industry standard for connecting motherboard dev... Read More »

How many sim card slots are there in iPhone 3GS?

Well, it depends on your responsibility level. Example. My daughters friend is 10 (the same age as my daughter). She has an Iphone and knows how to take care of it. However, my daughter is not read... Read More »

Will this video card work with this computer?