Why does a tv have buttons if you have a remote?

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How do I make my SKY remote control volume buttons work as I have recently changed my TV?

Press the interactive button on your sky remote.Select option 5 Sky Customer ServiceThen Select Equipment help from the menu.Next select the question - How do i programme my sky remote...?Follow th... Read More »

I have an Emerson tv and the remote that came with it wont work exept for the 1 4 7 channel up and down buttons...any help?

The original full price for the RCA STAV-3880 was $299.99, often on sale for $249.99

Why does Top Cat have buttons on his shirt?

Buttons are used as a means of closure by securing the two sides of the garment .

Does the 3G iPhone have buttons?

The iPhone features four buttons and an on-screen keyboard. At the top is a "lock" button, to lock the screen of the phone. On the left-hand side are two volume control buttons. A "home" button, wh... Read More »