Why does a text message turn green?

Answer yes

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How to Turn a Guy on Through Text Message?

Have you ever really liked a guy, and you just wanted to be with him, but couldn't? This article is to help you turn a guy on through text message.

Can you change your text message alert on an lg optimus GT540 to a custom text message alert?

You need to download an app to allow you to change it.Go to the android market and download and install a ringtone program, i use 'Rings Extended'. Once this is complete, go to Settings > Sound and... Read More »

How to Find the Source of a Forward Message Sent Via Text Message?

Tired of those annoying forward messages that your friends send you? Here's how trace a forward message back to its original sender!

What does BBC stand for in text message?

the spangler.i loved the tune so got it on single!