Why does a tenant need a certificate of insurance?

Answer Landlords generally require a tenant to have a certificate of insurance showing that the tenant has personal belongings insured, as the landlord's policy doesn't cover personal property of the tenant.

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Does a certificate of insurance imply insurance at the certificate holder location or does it just imply that the insured has insurance?

Why Do I Need a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

If you own a business or perform work for others on a contract basis, it is likely that you must carry liability insurance to protect you from a lawsuit due to negligence. Situations may arise wher... Read More »

What does tenant insurance cover?

Does landlord insurance cover vandalism from a tenant?

From what i read on the internet, some does and some don't. Best to call your insurance company to find out. If it does not, you should ask for the coverage for additional fees - if they do have it... Read More »