Why does a single forceps end with the letter s?

Answer Answer Maybe it's like "scissors", indicating one pair of scissors.

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What does the single letter on motor oil mean?

Motor oil includes a two-letter classification, not a one-letter classification. The two letters represent the American Petroleum Institute service rating. The first letter is either an S, indicati... Read More »

Who invented forceps?

Peter Chamberlen, a French surgeon, invented obstetric forceps in the 17th century. Forceps is an instrument used in difficult vaginal deliveries. Forceps look like two enlarged spoons, which are s... Read More »

What Is the Use of Pennington Forceps?

Maybe your friends are telling you that you should get your tongue pierced or maybe you've been thinking about it yourself for a while, but you're not sure how the whole procedure is done. One of t... Read More »

How often are forceps used during labor?

According to the "American Journal of Epidemiology," about six percent of all vaginal deliveries result in forceps use. A forceps delivery is safe when done by a professional, otherwise maternal or... Read More »