Why does a rotator cuff injury hurt at night?

Answer The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder that gives stability to the shoulder joint. Injury of the rotator cuff can result in pain even at night when the shoulder is not i... Read More »

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Rotator cuff or back injury Please help!?

It sounds like its your rotator cuff. Try not to move it to much and occasionally icing it will help.

Rotator cuff injury question?

Yes, this problem can prevent growth in your should be concerned

Rotator cuff or back injury?

Your rotator cuff is a set of 4 deep musclesthat come together around the head of your humerus now what your describing could possibly be a tear to the muscle that runs along the shoulder blade so ... Read More »

Massage Therapy for Rotator Cuff Injury?

The rotator cuffs are located on and around the scapula. These muscles are responsible for rotating and lifting your arms and play a role in stabilizing your shoulder. When applied properly, massag... Read More »