Why does a rooster crow at dawn?

Answer The rooster is well-known for his noisy early morning call. It is described in story books, children's songs and folklore. While many people don't keep roosters themselves, this legendary accomplis... Read More »

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Does a rooster need to be present for a hen to lay eggs?

Hens can lay eggs without the presence of a rooster. The only reason to need a rooster is if the intent is to breed, as the eggs a hen lays without a rooster are not fertilized.References:Fowl Visi... Read More »

Does a hen need a rooster to make eggs?

A rooster is not necessary for a hen to produce an egg. However, in order for the hen to produce a fertilized egg that could hatch into a chick, a rooster must to be present. The rooster fertilize... Read More »

Does a chicken require a rooster to produce eggs?

Chickens do not require roosters to lay eggs. A chicken that has reached sexual maturity (at around 21 weeks of age) will begin laying eggs with or without a rooster present. Without a rooster, the... Read More »

What does the rooster mean in Chinese decor?

The rooster is important to the Chinese in their decor as a symbol of advancement. Its crest, the guan, is a play on the word, meaning official. It also has been believed that the rooster can ward ... Read More »