Why does a rattle snake shed its skin?

Answer A snake sheds its skin for the simple reason that the snake gets too big for his skin. This is true of all snakes, but when the rattlesnake sheds he gets an extra reward, a new rattle for his tail.... Read More »

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Does this work for a rattle snake bite?

How many bones does an average rattle snake have?

An average rattlesnake may have up to 400 bones in its body. Rattlesnake bones provide structural body support, with a skeleton of rib bones, vertebra, tail bones, skull and jawbones. Rattlesnake r... Read More »

When does a snake shed?

Snakes shed their skin as they grow. A snake will usually shed around once per month, but they can however shed more frequently if they receive complete nutrition and care. Proper humidity can stim... Read More »

Rattle Snake Identification?

Rattlesnakes are a type of viper. About 30 different species inhabit the Western Hemisphere. Such a diverse group of snakes is sometimes difficult to identify, but they all share a number of features.