Why does a printer never seem to want to hook up easy?

Answer As long as your printer is not too old (like 1-2 yrs), it should be a relatively easy process. 1. Locate the printer driver CD. If you can't find it, go to the manufacturer's website to download th... Read More »

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I've lost my installation CD of my hp PSC 1410 printer. What can I do I want an easy solution !?…

If I buy an Airprint enabled printer and want to print from an iPhone, does the printer have to be turned on?

No, Airprint printers print when they're turned off to save electricity.

How do I hook up a printer that does not have a USB cable?

Head over to Radio Shack and get a LPTcable - USB adaptor. Plug the printer cable into the adaptor, and it into the USB port an print to your heart's content.

Why do I never seem to have sexual dreams when I sleep?

most people have no control over what they dream - its a complex mix of random and daily experiences combined with mental state∙there are several disciplines regarding active dreaming - where you... Read More »