Why does a plant need to produce glucose?

Answer To obtain its energy.

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Why does a plant need to make glucose?

glucose is the primary source of energy. ATP's cannot store a lot of energy so the plats use glucose (C6H12O6) to store their energy.

Do autotrophs use photosynthesis to produce glucose?

Autotrophs use the process of photosynthesis not to produce glucose, but to produce their own food. Glucose is not a direct product of the photosynthetic process, but rather, it is broken down and ... Read More »

How much ginger does a plant produce?

The part of the ginger plant that people are referring to when talking about the spice, ginger, is actually not the root, as most assume--it is the rhizome. The rhizome grows about 4 or 5 inches i... Read More »

Does the wheat plant produce corn?