Why does a person need an insulin pump?

Answer Insulin pumps are devices designed to deliver precise amounts of insulin to individuals with diabetes. Users of insulin pumps experience several benefits not available to users of traditional insul... Read More »

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What does an insulin pump look like?

Insulin pumps, the insulin delivery method of choice for many diabetics, have come a long way from their former shape and size. Pumps initially the size of large backpacks, are now easily conceale... Read More »

What would be the best insulin pump for me?

Do you use a CGM? If you use minimed sensors it might be better to stick with minimed- get a free minimed upgrade when it comes out too.Omnipod has a cut the cord program where you can get omnipod ... Read More »

Insulin pump?

It's been a godsend. It's the closest thing to having a normal pancreas. Not perfect, but a heck of a lot better than constantly injecting yourself. It gives you so much freedom! I can give mys... Read More »

To get or not to get Insulin pump?

The thing most diabetics like best about a pump is that it allows for fairly exact management of blood sugar with less hassle. The minuses of a pump are:- it's on you all the time. You can take the... Read More »