Why does a paper cut seem to hurt more than other comparable minor injuries?

Answer The fingers have many pain receptors in them, paper cuts do not bleed much so the exposure to the air irritates them more. There is also fibres in paper and possibly bleach as well, so this will ir... Read More »

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I just have to ask this ... (minor injuries department again)?

It's been a while now. I remember answering your original question.I'd pop to the doctors if I were you.You won't be wasting his time.It's not a good idea to splint it.

How to Reduce Swelling for Minor Injuries?

Frozen peas make wonderful and inexpensive ice packs.We have all suffered from a bump or two while growing up caused by our shenanigans. It possible to have a bump or swollen area develop at the im... Read More »

Why do old injuries hurt in bad weather?

Because of the change in barometric pressure. It's kind of like how dogs know when a storm is coming.

Is getting paper-cut like injuries from Ice/cold equipment a thing It keeps happening! D:?

They can burn, hence the need to wear gloves. Sometimes ice can become jagged and sharp if it is scooped; naturally this can make cuts the same as something like a jagged stone can.