Why does a neutered male cat still spray?

Answer Even neutered male cats and spayed females will spray if they feel the need to mark their territory against intruders. If your neutered cat is spraying, some lifestyle changes could solve the probl... Read More »

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Why do cats spray after being neutered?

Neutering is the surgical sterilization of a male cat. This surgery reduces sexual hormones and renders a cat physically unable to reproduce. Spraying is a hormone-related behavior by which a cat m... Read More »

Why do neutered male cats get erections?

Having a male neutered cat that still has erections can be frustrating to many pet owners. Understanding what the surgical procedure entails and the possible causes of the erection can help ease y... Read More »

What makes a male cat spray?

Spraying by male cats is a common behavior found offensive by humans. It leaves a musky, ammonia-like smell in the home and yard, making the behavior a nuisance. Spraying is a common behavior throu... Read More »

How do I remove male cat spray from a carpet?

Pretreat the CarpetPat-dry the carpet with paper towels or a thick terry cloth. Spray a generous amount of pretreatment rug cleaner that is not ammonia-based on the affected area. Let the treatment... Read More »