Why does a laptop freeze up on startup?

Answer There are many reasons why your laptop might not turn on , ranging from static electricity to memory issues. The laptop is a complicated instrument, and many things can go wrong. However, most of t... Read More »

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How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Freeze on Startup for Xbox 360?

My modern warfare 2 was freezing every time I tried to play it for awhile. It would sign me out of xbox live then if I tried to do anything related with the home screen, it completely froze! I clea... Read More »

Annoying laptop fan on startup?

That is because most HP laptops have noisy fans.…Lucky it is not overheating.There is no fix.

The Laptop Won't Boot Up Past the Windows XP Startup Screen?

It can be frustrating if your laptop won't continue past your Windows XP startup screen. However, you do have two options that may resolve this issue. You can either use the Windows XP disk that ca... Read More »

Why does my laptop freeze up?

A laptop that freezes up is a common problem. During a computer freeze, the computer screen will randomly stop working and prevent you from using your computer.TypesAccording to Dell, when all act... Read More »