Why does a home charger not work on a Creative Zen V Plus 2GB?

Answer The Creative Zen V Plus 2GB still holds up as one of the best personal media devices out there. Capable of video, audio, voice recording and FM playback, the Zen V Plus can play most any file type ... Read More »

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What to do if a Blackberry charger does not work?

Review your Blackberry user guide to ensure you are using the charger correctly. Take your Blackberry and charger to a cell phone technician if you can not get it to work. He will inform you if the... Read More »

My phone charger don't work?

sure you can buy a new one, they sell them in all kinds of stores... but it might not be the charger, it might be the port in the phone or the battery... you can use a USB cord connected to a power... Read More »

Will a 3g charger work with a 4g ipod?

yes, all of the iPod chargers and connectors are the same (except on the shuffle)

Will a us car charger work in new zealand?

Mains voltage in new Zealand is 230v AC 50Hz. Mains plugs are 3-pin, with a vertical Earth, and two inclined pins for Phase and Neutral. (Same as Australia) If the charger you are referring to is ... Read More »