What is a flamingo?

Answer The flamingo is a type of large bird, which scientists sometimes refer to as Phoenicopterus ruber. A member of the Ciconiiformes order of birds, the flamingo is distantly related to storks, herons ... Read More »

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What phylum is the flamingo in?

According to, the flamingo belongs to the "Chordata" phylum. The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology explains that animals in this phylum have a rod-like structure that extend... Read More »

What is flamingo flocking?

Flamingo flocking is a form of fundraising that involves placing large numbers of plastic flamingos on private property in an attempt to get money. Church groups, youth groups and academic and spor... Read More »

How much does a flamingo weigh?

The greater flamingo, the most common of flamingo breeds, weighs an average 8.75 pounds (or 4 kg) when fully grown. Chilean flamingos, which are specific to South America, can weigh up to 16 pounds... Read More »

How does a flamingo protect itself?

Flamingos are large, brightly colored wading birds with long legs and a large, curved bill. Native to Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe, flamingos make their home in shallow lakes and lagoons. ... Read More »