Why does a dump of the Wikipedia database have more pages than Wikipedia itself has?

Answer Certain classes of pages, even when in the main "article" namespace, don't count as "articles" for the purpose of statistics. Most notably, redirects! You're probably seeing those, among a few othe... Read More »

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How to use wikipedia dump?

There are instructions on (… or you can join #mediawiki on or join the mediawiki-l mailing list ( Read More »

How to Download Wikipedia Database on sql?

I'm not sure whether they are available in SQL, but most of the public information (excluding user information, deleted content and such) can be downloaded in XML format on http://dumps.wikimedia.o... Read More »

How much space does the whole of the wikipedia database take..i mean like in GB or TB?

No easy answer for this question, sorry.... Wikipedia is a moving target, and it's difficult to pin it down long enough to collect this sort of information.The latest complete database dump of the... Read More »

How to edit Wikipedia pages?

Believe it or not, there's a wikipedia page on how to edit pages.…and…