Why does a dog limp after exercise?

Answer Dogs can limp for a number of reasons, especially after exercise. These include joint disease, injury and bacterial diseases. If your dog is limping after exercise, there are a number of tests ve... Read More »

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After surgery, which is better; to walk with a limp, or to walk with a cane and no limp?

i would use the cane...listen to your physical therapist.i would think that walking without the cane would put unnecessary strain on your body. you might never lose the limp.take care of yourself.... Read More »

Does lung capacity increase after exercise?

On One Hand: Some Say Exercise Does Not Increase Lung CapacityTotal lung capacity is the maximum volume of air the lungs can hold. It reflects factors such as age, sex, height and ethnicity, observ... Read More »

How long does it take for lactic acid levels to return to normal after strenuous exercise or a seizure?

Better see your regular doctor, OK as it can be some error of metabolism.

Two months after total hip replacement: Why do I limp when I walk, but not when I dance the waltz?

When you dance, you are supported by your partner. My guess is that you aren't using a cane when you walk. Use one until you no longer limp when walking unsupported. Otherwise your body will "le... Read More »