How come my dog does not bark?

Answer If you have a good guard dog with a healthy voice, you may sometimes wish this wasn't the case, although barking is protective and useful. However, there are some dogs that either cannot bark, do ... Read More »

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Why does a sugar glider bark?

Sugar gliders are small, exotic pets that are very vocal. One of the most common vocalizations that these marsupials make--and make often--is called "barking."What the Bark Sounds LikeThe most comm... Read More »

What type of dog does not bark?

Two types of dog do not bark. The first type is a breed of dog, called a Basenji. The second kind of dog is one that has been de-vocalized or "debarked." Although they do not bark, both types of do... Read More »

Why does my dog bark when i sneeze?

Dogs pick up quirky behaviors when they live with people, but quirky doesn't mean incomprehensible. There are several reasons why your dog might bark when you sneeze. Observing your dog closely w... Read More »

Which dog breed does not bark?

The Basenji breed of dog doesn't bark. It makes a low sound instead. Basenji's are smart dogs that are reserved with strangers. They also groom themselves as cats would. Those dogs need activity or... Read More »