How come my dog does not bark?

Answer If you have a good guard dog with a healthy voice, you may sometimes wish this wasn't the case, although barking is protective and useful. However, there are some dogs that either cannot bark, do ... Read More »

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What is yohimbe bark used for?

Genuine yohimbe bark comes from an evergreen tree species called pausinystalia yohimbe in West Africa and Cameroon. The active ingredient in yohimbe bark is called alkaloid yohimbine, which is the ... Read More »

What is peppermint bark?

Peppermint bark is melted chocolate mixed with peppermint flavor or crushed peppermint candies. Candy makers then cool the mixture, allowing it to harden. The treat is offered in white, milk or dar... Read More »

Should I Let My Dog Bark at My Kids?

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How to Train a Dog to Bark When Going Outside?

Potty training a dog is arguably one of the most important steps to welcoming a pet into the family. However, teaching your dog not to eliminate indoors will be useless if you are unable to train y... Read More »