Why does a computer need internal memory?

Answer A computer's internal memory, or Random Access Memory (RAM), is designed so that certain information pertinent to a computer's processes can be accessed quickly.Hard DriveInternal memory is necessa... Read More »

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What is computer internal memory?

Internal memory is the main memory of a computer. Internal memory is the computer memory that is inside the computer, unlike flash drives or external hard drives. Main memory is what limits how man... Read More »

Do android phones apps only go on internal memory or can they be held on memory cards too?

i have one and yes it doe shoot videos, it shoots it in black and whit negative and a bunch of different color effects.

How do I move pics from internal memory to memory card without a usb cable?

Above the zoom in and out buttons, there is a button that has a play button in a box on it, simply click that and change pictures with the arrow buttons.

Size of digital camera internal memory and is a memory card necessary?

most digital cameras come with a very small internal memory, allowing you to take anywhere from 10-25 pictures.