Why does a compost heap have holes in the side and at the bottom?

Answer To allow for aeration and drainage.

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What do you need for a compost heap?

You need a good mix of carbon and nitrogen rich materials. You can put just about anything in a compost heap, but having a good balance of carbon and nitrogen is cruitial. Carbon things are basica... Read More »

How do you set up a compost heap?

You need to find a receptacle of some sort or purchase a ready-made bin. You need to collect both "green" and "brown" materials and do not put any animal products such as meat, fat, or bones into ... Read More »

Can bread go in a compost heap?

How do I build a compost heap?

MaterialsGather equal amounts of carbon-rich materials (brown, dry waste, such as straw, sawdust, cardboard, newspaper and dead leaves) and nitrogen-rich materials (green, moist waste, such as fres... Read More »