Why does a company need a stock symbol?

Answer A company needs a stock symbol, also called a ticker symbol or trading symbol, to identify its stock in an abbreviated form. The stock symbol takes up less space than using the company's name in ne... Read More »

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What company does the stock symbol ge stand for?

The symbol GE on the New York Stock Exchange stands for General Electric Co. General Electric is a technology, media and financial services company that was founded in 1890 by Thomas Edison as the ... Read More »

What company uses PERY as its stock symbol?

Perry Ellis International uses the stock symbol PERY on the NASDAQ. Perry Ellis International is an apparel company based in Miami, Florida. The company maintains 32 brands that are carried in majo... Read More »

What does an e mean on a stock symbol?

Having an "E" as a fifth letter on a stock means the company's required filings with the the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are not current, according to Investopedia and the SEC.Reference... Read More »

What does the".pk"mean behind a stock symbol?

The symbol ".pk" after a ticker symbol means that the stock trades on the pink sheet system or over the counter (OTC). Pink sheet or over-the-counter stocks do not meet the requirements of an excha... Read More »