Why does a child rock in seat while reading?

Answer I'm only 10 but very mature. so, just act cool around your kids. even better, don't bother them when there in there room just hanging out.

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Who is at fault when you are putting your child inside the car in child seat in the rear seat and other car hits you backing off while are half out and half in?

In Idaho, you have to be above 4 foot 8 inches, or over 90 lbs.

How to Keep a Child Car Seat Dryer While Potty Training?

This tip helps to absorb moisture if a urine "potty training accident" occurs while child is in the car seat. All you need is a child in training, a diaper, a pair of scissors, a car and car seat!

Can a child sit in the front seat while being tranported in a school vehicle?

One of the issues you would run into there is, the issue that air bags, and smaller children don't really seem to mix well. I know if they are in a child seat, the airbag can kill them. It is all r... Read More »

How many pounds does a child have to be to switch from a car seat to a booster seat?

you have to be 12 and have to be over 48 inches and have to be able to see over the dashboard